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Marketing Automation Deployment

Are you a new MarketFirst customer or planning on becoming one? We offer a collection of select deployment services called "RightPath".  It was designed to help you realize the benefits of marketing automation quickly, safely, and cost effectively.

We work together, as a team, to capture your top marketing automation goals and then we translate those into your top priority campaign. This campaign then becomes the focus of our RightPath deployment and is used to extend and deepen your MarketFirst™ training experience. The selected campaign is designed, developed and launched on your MarketFirst™ platform. It is of course reusable and services as a reference point for your projects. We also work with your technical team to set up the infrastructure.

The deployment supports many types of campaigns along with performance reporting to allow you to measure and improve your results. An automated multi-wave lead generation campaign can include lead qualification and distribution of hot leads to your Pivotal or other CRM system. We'll work together to capture your goals and translate them into your first marketing automation success.

We have also carefully included the right type amount of training so you can attain self-sufficiency quickly and safely allowing you extend and reuse your initial campaign to develop new campaigns on your own.

Most software vendors will tell you that marketing automation is easy, it's not it. The good news is it can provide huge benefits and bad news is you may need to retrain existing staff or acquire with technical skills not commonly found in marketing departments.  

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