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Support Services

Tired of paying expensive annual Support fees and getting little in return?

Let Meitasoft provide your support needs. We guarantee immediate savings and improved response times. 

Each Meitasoft support plan is designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you require 24/7 support or 5 days a week during normal business hours, on-site, remote, phone support, or outsourcing staff, Meitasoft will structure a plan to protect your investment and minimize your ongoing concerns.

You’ll immediately realize cost savings, savings that can be redirected to run more lead generation campaigns. 

We understand that it’s critical that your campaigns are launched on schedule. Our support specialists have the deep experience to answer your questions and troubleshoot your campaign and platform issues. Each member of our US-based team is committed to your success.

Let us show you how your can start reducing you support cost today.

Call us now at 617-398-0445 or send us an email and ask to set up your initial consultation.