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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Telemarketing Department

There’s no doubt that a well-trained telemarketing staff can help generate some serious revenue for your business. Give them the right offer to pitch, and they can really open up a nice revenue stream. Now imagine the same performance, but at a significantly lower cost. That’s what you get when you outsource your telemarketing needs and here’s why:

Insurance and benefits costs

Outsourcing your telemarketing department, instead of keeping them on staff means you won’t need to pay significant insurance and benefits as you would with a W-2 employee. The savings attributed to this cannot be understated.

Telemarketing only when you need it

It’s nice to have a full-time telemarketing crew on staff at your company, but are you really going to use them all 12 months out of the year? By outsourcing your telemarketing department, you can call on them only when you have an initiative that requires their services. If that encompasses six months out of the year, then you just cut your telemarketing budget in half!

Don’t have to worry about turnover

Telemarketing departments, as a rule, experience a heavy amount of turnover. The nature of the work just lends itself to those individuals who are simply “passing through” your company. But a third party telemarketing company makes it their business to stay fully stocked with top notch sales people. If one of these individuals were to leave, the company would seamlessly replace them without you even knowing it or feeling any impact whatsoever.

Lower training costs

If you have to sit down and train all your telemarketing employees, it is going to cost you time and money. By outsourcing your telemarketing needs, you won’t have to worry about training since the third party company handles it all internally. By the time you become a client, their staff is up and ready to roll!

Meitasoft offers custom telemerketing packages priced to fit your needs and budget.  

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