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Campaign Execution Outsourcing

Wondering if campaign execution outsourcing is right for you? Here's how to know when it's the right time to examine this option and how you'll benefit in the long run.

Outsourcing within the online marketing industry is a trend that has been developing for the past several years. For many companies, both large and small, outsourcing certain functions like campaign execution makes more sense than keeping these tasks in-house. The three essential questions of "when," "what," and "why" will be explored to help guide you to making the best decision for your company.

When should I outsource campaign execution operations?

When marketing teams are overwhelmed with campaign execution

When marketing teams are constantly burdened by the execution phase of an online campaign, they are unable to focus on higher level tasks like strategy and creative. Campaign execution is a mid to lower level responsibility that is typically handled by entry-level employees. However, because it is a time-intensive process, the task often falls to mid- and high-level staff. Let's face it, full on marketing automation is complex and requires technical skills that are not typically found in marketing departments. Working with IT only adds cost to marketing budgets and creates a bottleneck preventing you from accomplishing your goals. 

When marketing teams are not meeting accountability demands

Analyzing a campaign is another time-intensive process, just like executing one. Analysis can be broken into two parts: reporting and analysis. 

Like campaign execution, reporting takes up a large percentage of entry-level employees' time. With the growing array of online marketing metrics that have been introduced to the industry, marketing executives are now requesting more aspects of a campaign to be monitored.

Campaign analysis requires the attention of mid- to high-level staff who are proficient in online marketing metrics. In order to stay current with online marketing data trends, a company needs to expend an adequate amount of resources to housing experts, the cost of which can be high. 

In terms of marketing execution operations, what functions can I outsource?

Campaign design, development and optimization
The initial setup, targeting, and development in an online marketing campaign can be a key target for outsourcing, provided the outsourcing company has the domain expertise. It is therefore important to pick the right company because the wrong generic outsourcing company will actually force you to lose money while you teach them marketing automation or your platform tools.

Data pulls and day-to-day campaign reporting
Throughout the campaign, data needs to be extrapolated and recorded. This process is necessary for your records to justify or increase your budget and prove your performance to Sales. This task takes up time and can often be the sole responsibility for a few team members.

What are some of the benefits of outsourcing online marketing execution operations?

In order to scale efficiently, a marketing team must be able to run more campaigns to generate more new leads and new sales or deepen relationships. Outsourcing can act as a buffer that allows existing employees as well as new hires to tackle their increasing responsibilities to be able to increase the number and quality of campaign run per year. Outsourcing can also free you from the dependency on IT support, which is usually are barrier to scalability.

When mid- to high-level marketing team members are spending their time with low-level tasks, a marketing group is not getting the return it should on these employees. When the weight of these responsibilities is relieved, team members are able to utilize their time more efficiently, and the company will see revenues increase. 

Recruiting and employment expenses can accumulate quickly when every marketing team requires a group of entry-level professionals for campaign execution and reporting. Marketing can significantly cut costs by outsourcing the bulk of these low-level functions.  

The focus of most marketing organizations is on campaign strategy and creative, which is a model that does not support in-house teams of online marketing data experts, especially those with marketing automation skills.  Furthermore, true expertise in this emerging field is hard to come by. Partnering with an marketing automation services company that focuses entirely on online marketing allows an company to tap experts with knowledge of online marketing automation  -- for a fraction of the cost.   

Meitasoft Advantage

Meitasoft is expert in campaign execution having delivered every type of online marketing automation project for large and small companies, across all industries in the US, Canada, and Europe for over 10 years.

Meitasoft offers a low cost campaign execution outsource service. Typical cost savings are minimally 30% and are typically quantified as a reduction in labor requirements or a reduction in head count marketing and IT head count or a redistribution of hours to accomplish more.


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