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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the name given to software platforms, like MarketFirst and Eloqua, that are designed for marketing organizations to simplify processes by automating repetitive tasks.

You benefit by specifying criteria and outcomes for tasks and processes which are then interpreted, stored and executed by software, which increases efficiency and reduces human error. Marketing campaigns themselves can be more effective because they are able to respond to certain events (a request to be contacted) and changes in behavior to deliver the right relevant message, to the right person, at the right time.  These software platforms can record and react to interactions to automatically begin a relationship and personalized, near conversational dialog that absent in traditional online “spray and pray” marketing programs.

Although the term marketing automation has been around for nearly a decade, the technology available today provides new meaning to the term. Simply put, marketing automation combines improved process and technology to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing communications.   

Don't be fooled by software vendors that suggest Marketing Automation is easy - it's not. The skills needed to design a marketing automation program and database aren't typically found in the marketing department and relying on IT will only slow your initiative down. That's why Meitasoft consultants, with over 10 years designing and deploying marketing automation programs are in demand. Don't be put off the benefits are real.

The mass customization evolution is happening in many other sectors, marketers also must evolve to produce mass personalized and automated communications. Your new goals for the New Year should be to:

  • Discover opportunities to apply marketing automation to improve Campaign effectiveness, Measurability, Quality, Revenue
  • Automate manual tasks for cost and time savings
  • Improve margins and build stronger relationships.

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